Friday, November 9, 2012

Thanksgiving Fashionistas

Well Thanksgiving is almost upon us and as I think of all that I am grateful for I also think what all you fashionistas will be wearing for this special day of being with friends and families  Since this is a day for thanksgiving let me first say thank You Lord for this day and all the wonderful blessings I have received throughout the year. Yes there are some bad memories as well as good ones, but I leave behind those things that hurt and go on to new things that brings joy. 

Your word brings joy to my heart as well as my family and friends. I ask that you bless them and prosper them and give them health. I also ask that you guide them on to the right and narrow path that leads only to you, for wide is the path that leads to destruction.

 Now I know that this is a day of thanksgiving, and also a day of joy and gratefulness, but it is also a day to wear what we love most. I have some lovely outfits that you can admire and buy if you so choose to!You can find most of these in my etsy store or artfire store.

There are many more vintage dresses, tops and more to choose from!