Sunday, June 16, 2013

Summer Is Almost Here!

Well its been a while since I last blogged, shame on me! I have been so busy thrifting, listing and more thrifting, whats a girl to do?
So far our weather here in the mountains of PA has been cool, damp with some sunny bright days and oh yes we did have a heat wave, 84 degrees. I love when its in the 70's here, not hot nor cold but just right! Great to go to garage sales, auctions, flea markets and more.

I opened an eBay store in April and I must say I am getting a little happy with eBay. I stopped selling there about 2 years ago or more as I didn't like where they were going. Now they are doing better and better, they still have their share of disgruntle folks who complain about everything, but somehow eBay is better than most venues and etsy takes 2nd place, well for me that is.

On etsy I can only sell vintage and a lot of my clothing is not vintage so where do I sell it? I tried ecrater, but alas its deader than a doornail over there. Sure every so often I get a sale but not enough to put my clothing, so I decided its time to go back to my first roots. Yes eBay is where I started in 2005.

I now have a new store, changed my old name to backstreetstyle. My store is located here in case you want to take a peep!

Back Street Style

My etsy store is here!

Out Of The Attic 2u

Here is a sampling of what I am selling on both stores!
Stop by and will see you all next time!



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