Friday, November 9, 2012

Thanksgiving Fashionistas

Well Thanksgiving is almost upon us and as I think of all that I am grateful for I also think what all you fashionistas will be wearing for this special day of being with friends and families  Since this is a day for thanksgiving let me first say thank You Lord for this day and all the wonderful blessings I have received throughout the year. Yes there are some bad memories as well as good ones, but I leave behind those things that hurt and go on to new things that brings joy. 

Your word brings joy to my heart as well as my family and friends. I ask that you bless them and prosper them and give them health. I also ask that you guide them on to the right and narrow path that leads only to you, for wide is the path that leads to destruction.

 Now I know that this is a day of thanksgiving, and also a day of joy and gratefulness, but it is also a day to wear what we love most. I have some lovely outfits that you can admire and buy if you so choose to!You can find most of these in my etsy store or artfire store.

There are many more vintage dresses, tops and more to choose from!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Etsy On Sale

Today I am offering  my small collection of vintage handbags on sale. Great for the upcoming holidays to give as gifts, to wear for yourself and even to display in your brick and mortar store> So come and visit me and check them out!


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Autumn Hues

Well it's getting close to that time of year when the leaves turn into beautiful shades of colors, reds, yellows, oranges mixed with green, how awesome is that?. This is also the time of year when we change over our summer wardrobes into fall clothing. I love the feel of corduroys, suede's, leather and other heavier types of material.

They are made so much better than summer clothes (well in my opinion) and happen to last longer also. I have some change of clothing that I recently listed and hope to have more before the fall season is over. I will also be adding winter clothing as well.

As you all know I am new to vintage clothing, made some good and bad moves but that is part of the learning curve. I love the styles of the 40's to the80's the most. Not liking too much of the now trends for today, especially as you mature you can't wear them or they are not covering much of the body. Now vintage fashions were way out also but more to my liking's and age group. So stop by and visit me, listings are added almost daily.

Here are just a few from my listings at

Pendleton Vintage Turquoise Brick Red Plaid 100% Virgin Wool Size Medium Pencil Skirt
Pendelton Pencil Skirt
Vue Point by Jordan Vintage Classic Black Velour Bolero Jacket Size Medium
Vue Point by Jordan Bolere

1980s JSJ Petites Woman's Button-down Maxi Dress Velvet Trim Size 12 Red & Black  
JSJ Maxi Dress

Anxiety Houndstooth Jumper
Here are some from

Turtleneck Dress 
DKNY Crochet Vest
Ralph Lauren Shawl

Monday, August 6, 2012

Getting Ready

Yes it's been a long time, but here I am, back from hibernating :). I will be discussing Vintage Fashions as that is my new love, oh I still love my collectibles but this is different. This is girly for me and brings flashbacks of the clothing I use to wear in the 60's, to the early 90's. Of course my style has changed since then as I am a little older, wiser and it would look silly if I did wear what I use to wear at my age. Go-go boots and hot pants, nope I don't think so.

But I do wear fashionable clothes from those eras that are more appropriate for me in this fashion conscience world.

I can't wait to dress my new mannequin, young and pretty without a flaw to her face and body. She will be my model for all my clothing listings. I did do a few with her already but as you will see I need some practice. Her hair is just all over the place so I decided to shuck it till I can find me one that will stay on. (hey anyone have ideas to share, please feel free to comment here). Here are a few photos of her.

I know I can use some of your expertise help, so do let me know any hints you can give me and thanks in advance.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The 1980's

The beginning of the 80.s began a new year with new fashions. It was a beginning of many different styles; some were good and others, well different for clarity sake. It was anything goes and is still like that today. There were short, long, midway hemlines; there were tight, loose, baggy and such in pants. Shoes were high or low and sneakers really came into focus.

What I liked about the 80’s was being able to dress with self-expression. I didn’t have to keep up with models of those times as I was my own model. I wore whatever I felt like and didn’t care what anyone thought; (Today I am conservative in my dress style as I have changed in my outlook on life).

The clothing back then was still made in the USA and made with love and care. Today everything is made in China because it is so cheap and you can tell by the way it is put together how there is no pride or workmanship in what they do all for the sake of money. Your big designers are using China companies to make their designs plus other countries because of the money they save in doing so. But the quality, the material is cheap. Look at the seams, the patterns, the way it is put together and you will see what I am talking about.

Well back to the 80’s fashions. Here are a few that I think are lovely and fits in with today’s style and look.

 These are just two that I have time to add but I will add more soon!