Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The 1980's

The beginning of the 80.s began a new year with new fashions. It was a beginning of many different styles; some were good and others, well different for clarity sake. It was anything goes and is still like that today. There were short, long, midway hemlines; there were tight, loose, baggy and such in pants. Shoes were high or low and sneakers really came into focus.

What I liked about the 80’s was being able to dress with self-expression. I didn’t have to keep up with models of those times as I was my own model. I wore whatever I felt like and didn’t care what anyone thought; (Today I am conservative in my dress style as I have changed in my outlook on life).

The clothing back then was still made in the USA and made with love and care. Today everything is made in China because it is so cheap and you can tell by the way it is put together how there is no pride or workmanship in what they do all for the sake of money. Your big designers are using China companies to make their designs plus other countries because of the money they save in doing so. But the quality, the material is cheap. Look at the seams, the patterns, the way it is put together and you will see what I am talking about.

Well back to the 80’s fashions. Here are a few that I think are lovely and fits in with today’s style and look.

 These are just two that I have time to add but I will add more soon!

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